A short man in heavy worn robes, with dark skin, a round face with bags under the eyes and golden almost glowing pupils.


Zelkor is a necromancer with certain strange abilities derived from his studies in black magic, astrology, and necromancy. Having been exiled from a number of civilized communities, he has chosen to live outside remote settlement of Orton, where his studies are tolerated within limits—since he has significant abilities as a healer, no matter how
questionable the source of these abilities might be. Zelkor is able to remove the effects of poison, and even has a certain chance to bring the dead back to life if the stars are right and the expensive materials are available. He can brew healing potions, and has a chance to cure diseases. His ability to succeed at one of these tasks is not guaranteed, and he expects payment up front whether his attempt is successful or not.


Removing Poison:
A character that has been poisoned within the last 24 hours may be purged of the poison. The procedure involves replacing the patient’s blood, using a quantity of goat’s blood as well as drawing 10 hit points worth of blood from humans to include in the transfusion. Zelkor requires payment of 100 gp to make the attempt, and there is a 20%(1-4 roll on a D20) chance of failure.

Curing Diseases:
Zelkor uses a combination of purging, leeching, and medicinal concoctions to cure diseases, charging 20 gp for the attempt His physic has a 20% chance to fail, and a 1% chance to kill the patient outright.
Brewing Potions: Zelkor can brew Potions of Healing and Potions of Greater Healing.
Potion of Healing 2d4+2hp 50 Gold
Potion of Greater Healing 4d4+4, 100 Gold
Raising the Dead:
Zelkor charges 1000 gp to attempt this difficult task, and has a 20% (1-4 roll on a D20) chance to fail in some way (see below). If he fails, he weakens and is unable to do anything but lie abed for a period of one month thereafter. If three gems worth 250 gp or more each are used in the procedure, the chance of failure drops to 10%(1-2 roll on a D20). Failure results are listed on the table below:
Roll 1d6
1 Character remains dead
2 Character returns from the dead but with 1d2 lost Constitution points and must rest for 2 weeks
3 Character’s body turns into a grey ooze (not the monster, just disgusting putrescence)
4 Character returns from the dead, but grows to ogre size, gaining 4 extra hit points but losing 1d4 points of Intelligence
5 Character’s body remains dead, character’s soul returns as a
wraith and attacks
6 Character remains dead


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